A Lesson On Common Sense

I live in a hostel and my room is located near the garbage bins area. That is not a problem as long as the smell is not overwhelming. Furthermore, my room is one of the nearest to the elevator, which is a rare advantage where I live.

Last weekend, I was frustrated with my neighbors. On weekend, the cleaner workers always put two bins with plastic bags, unlike any other weekdays where only one bin is provided. One bin was full while the other remained empty, but they still cramped the full bin with garbage till it overstuffed. Upon seeing the unpleasant condition, I put the lid of the full bin on and put off the other bin’s lid. But still, they cramped and cramped more litters into the full bin.

Well, I don’t specifically know who did this but I was so angry that I wrote a note that sounds like this (I even wrote it in bilingual!):

Do you notice that both bins are provided plastic bags on weekends? That means: “The cleaner workers are on off days. Please use the other bin when this one is full.” Please use your brain even when it comes to garbage only. Thank you.

It sounds kind of rude, you see, but I was so disappointed that so-called degree students cannot think in terms of common sense. Can’t they see the cleaner workers will have to clean the overflowing dirts which is a very unpleasant task which I doubt they’d mind doing it themselves? Can’t they at least have a conscience of keeping their surroundings clean?

My words are a bit rough. But I believe that the ‘roughness’ will make my neighbors – the so-called university students – remember to think in terms of common sense, and they will always remember to keep the garbage area clean even after moving into a new hostel!


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

3 thoughts on “A Lesson On Common Sense”

  1. salam..ajan.
    hope awk sabar yer…
    erm..nk citer sket..skng akk ada tanam pokok cili..tp x tumbuh2 lagi laa…pokok bendi akk ada tanam jugak. alhamdulillah da tmbh la bbrp ank pokok…

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