What Happens When You Love Someone So Much?

Yesterday, I had dinner with ten of my friends at a mamak restaurant. All of them are non-Malay. While we were eating, suddenly one of my friends – quite senior – said to me, “You should learn Mandarin and then marry a Chinese guy. Mixed genes produce good offspring. You will have smart children.” When he said these, I laughed hard because first; he said this out of nowhere – he brought the subject without pretext – and second; why me out of all people in the tables? He even added, “In Malaysia, it is quite hard to marry Malays because we need to convert to Islam. Then, we need to pray five times a day and cannot eat non-halal anymore.” (Those words are not exactly his but, basically, the gist is there). I simply smiled all the way. Everything he said is the truth – mixed marriage produce good offspring and the things that every muslim must obey. That’s why I don’t intend to correct or contradict him. Furthermore, he is like a father to me – in terms of age. Plus, I always enjoy chitchatting with him.

When I drove home that night, in an hour drive, I was constantly thinking of what he said. If, in the middle of the conversation, he ever asked me ‘Will I remain muslim even if there is no law stating I must do so and why?’ my answer would be “Absolutely”.

What happens when you love someone so much? You want to always be there for that someone. You drive your child to and from school even if it distracts your work schedule because of love. You took leave to accompany your sick mother in the hospital because of love. You marry someone and stay loyal to death because of love. The same thing happens when you are in love with HIM. Five-time prayer a day is love. Limiting my choice of food is love.

I love HIM so much yet my love is nothing compared to HIS love. What if HE forgets HIS love for me for a minute and I stop breathing? What if HE forgets me for a few seconds and my heart stops beating? But knowing HIM, I know this is not possible because I know I can rely on HIM.

On top of that, I think it is only fair for me that if I ever decide to love someone and let that someone loves me; our love will only make my love for HIM grow even stronger. When you marry someone, you want your spouse to love your parents as much as you do and your parents love him/her too. This way, our life will glow with love, the way we want to, the way we need.

They say, ‘Love is infinite’. No matter how many people you add into your heart, there is always room for another. I think it is because every love we have is a subset of every other love in our heart. Alhamdulillah (Praises to HIM).


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