Stop Worrying and Start Living

I’ve just finished reading a book written by Dale Carnegie. The title is How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. When I first chance upon this book, the small me inside my heart said, ‘It’s common sense’. In fact, I saw this book a few times at my favorite bookstore on the same shelf before eventually deciding to buy it. I bought it because I finally read the Introduction of the book. Dale Carnegie wrote:

“However, let me warn you: you won’t find anything new in it, but you will find much that is not generally applied. And when it comes to that, you and I don’t need to be told anything new. … Our trouble is not ignorance, but inaction.”

These words made me decide to have this book. I encounter a lot of ah-ha moments throughout the reading. And I came to find, after reading and re-reading some parts of the book, that:


I mean, I thought I’m worried about a few things. But now I realized that I worry too much. I worry about too many things that I forgot His promise. I forgot Allah promised to take care of most of the things in my worry list. The prophet Muhammad taught us tawakkal. But I was too busy worrying I forgot what he taught. Islam taught me to take all possible action the best I can and let Allah take care of the result and then be grateful no matter what the outcome – that’s basically tawakkal.

I worry that I can’t finish my study on time. I worry that I spend too much time in a role I neglect my responsibilities or roles in other areas in my life. I worry that I spend too much time at work I spend less time with my family. I worry when I can’t sell and I don’t profit in my business. I worry that I’m progressing very slowly in things I decide to do. I worry because I’m way behind in life and career compared to my friends. I worry until I have doubts in things that I chose to do. And I really hate it when I doubt.

The book taught me that I should be concern, but I shouldn’t worry. I should use the time I have to solve the problems I’m worrying about instead of spending it for worrying. I should banish my problems now instead of wasting my energy to worrying. I should take action and busy myself to achieve my goals instead of crying my heart out when I face difficulties.

Allah answers prayers in various ways. I ask for His guidance to his path and let me stay in that path. Perhaps, this is His way of telling me: Discover yourself – your strengths and weaknesses – and you’ll discover me.


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

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