Rahsia Penjual Juara – Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor

Last weekend, I went to a sales workshop conducted by Dr Niki Shuhada Shukor – the mother of unit trusts. The experience was invaluable and the feeling I felt after the workshop was indescribable. It was definitely no ordinary workshop.

That was my first formal workshop on sales, so I didn’t know what to expect. Before this, I only read books on sales or grasped tips from experienced salesperson. Whatever my imagination was before the workshop, the benefit was beyond my imagination. From the fundamental and philosophy to the practical, word-to-word basis techniques, all skills taught in the workshop were applicable in sales career.

The best thing that I’ve learned from Dr Niki is, to put it simply, ‘If we love someone, we must show our love by showing results.’ I’ve never really thought about this before. I understood that we show our love by taking action to our loved ones, but it never occurred to me that love is the best motivation to accelerate our sales and showing the results – our success – to our loved ones is an act of love. The idea is not in impressing our loved ones, but to use LOVE as a catalyst to ignite our spirit and force us to achieve success and greatness.

I can recall from history how Rasulullah the Prophet kept muttering “My ummah… My ummah…” before he died. I guess all that he had done, the greatness that Islam had achieved during his time was due to his love to us, his ummah, alongside his greatest love to Allah. Love had been a great motivation for he wanted the best that he can leave behind for us. Subhanallah. Praises for HIM.

All in all, it is my duty, now, to show the result – to be a success – for that was my pledge to Mummy Niki. After all, every human was created by HIM for greatness. Life is too short to take a free ride. Greatness is not impossible. Our duty is just to do the job and HE will take care of the rest – that’s HIS promise.

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