Ramadhan Kareem

Ramadhan – the ninth month in Hijr calendar – is the most anticipated month for the Muslims every year. This is the best time of the year to multiply our good deeds and pray for HIS mercy and kindness. The rewards for our good deeds will be multiplied. The doors of heavens are opened and the doors of hell fires are closed shut.

Personally, Ramadhan brings mixed feelings and colorful memories to me. This is a month of magic. This is the month when I can fast all day without feeling hungry or tired, unlike any other day in other months. This is the time when I can wake up at three in the morning, feeling so fresh and wide awake as if someone had nudged me hard before I woke up. This is the time when prayers and reading Koran brings a peaceful, indescribable, warm feeling into my heart.

The last week of the month is the best of all. In this week, there will come a day which is a thousand-times better than any other day of the whole year. Any good deed done on, especially the night of, this day will be multiplied a thousand times. My brother, once, naively asked, “Then, we can pray and read Koran the whole night and never have to do them again for the rest of the year. That’ll be easier, right?” “Dear, it doesn’t work that way,” I said. For someone to encounter this best night of the year is astounding. It is as like a kid meeting Santa Claus, Son Goku summoning the dragon of the Dragon Balls or Naruto able to master ‘Sharingan’ for the first time – that pretty much summarizes the indescribable phenomena. That night is reserved to the selected people. Those who had work hard everyday, all time of the year. Those who had reserved their heart for the ultimate love – love to God. Only these people are given the chance to meet that night.

Being a Malaysian, living in a multi-racial country gives me broader perspective on Ramadhan. Even though in Malaysia, Syawal is celebrated merrier than Ramadhan, this month also evoke a different and special atmosphere. The streets are busier than usual around six to seven o’clock due to people rushing for break-fasting. You can find varieties of local cuisine – sometimes ones you’ve never seen, heard of or hybrids of some ordinary food – in the bazaars (late afternoon market selling food exclusively in Ramadhan). I particularly love it when my non-Muslim friends wish us ‘Happy Fasting’.

I pray that this Ramadhan will end up to be the best of my life. I pray for HIS forgiveness, mercy and kindness. I pray that HE give me the best of my wishes. I pray that HE show me the right path to HIM and let me stay on course till my last breath. Ameen Ya Rabb.


Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

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