My Friend’s Bacterium

I call my housemate ‘bacterium farmer’. She’s a post graduate student doing research on bacteria and she breeds them for that purpose. Last weekend, I accompany her to the laboratory until late at night because, one;  the lab is deserted at night and, two; the wifi is super fast – the page comes out even before you click!

The last time I take biotech or biology very seriously, I think, was when I was in Form 5. Biologists use maths in their research, but mathematicians can choose not using biology in their research. Since I slept in most of biology class at school, I decided to pass. Basically, these bacteria stuffs are way over my head. When my friend diligently ‘introduced’ her ‘herd’ to me, I just nodded my head.

The funny thing is this friend of mine understands that my mind ‘works’ in numbers, so when she explained she included numbers in her description – “The machine right there is used for bla bla and it costs RM $$$”, “I’m working with 25 bacterium and I need # samples for each bacteria”, etc. – and left out the biological terms.

I have four housemates and each one of us comes from different background of study – maths, electrical engineering, biology, chemistry and human resource. When we talk, we speak different languages – that explains the common misunderstandings. But when we hang out, that’s the best time we spend with each other.

It’s amazing how human can be so different, yet their personalities click. Funny how people can be so different, yet attracted to each other. I guess God has His way of making people learn through others so they can bring out the best in them.


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