The Rain

(My sixth project – Vocal Variety)


I remember when I was little, my brother, my sister and I used to play in the rain a lot. When it was school holiday, my parents used to leave us at home because my mom’s workplace was very near to our home. Occasionally, when it was pouring, we took the golden chance to play in the rain. What we did was we built a play boat using leaves, put a little toothpaste at the boat rear, released it in drain which was full of water and pretending we were boat racing. We would chase it around the house until the finishing line. I remember once we were grounded because we wet the living room carpet after hours of playing in the rain. Even now at this age, I would occasionally play in the rain with excuses like cleaning the drain, gardening or washing my motorbike. I would say to my mom, “Mak, I’m saving water. I don’t have to splash another round of water after cleaning because the rain will wash it for me.”

I live in the part of Johor where you can see the fog up till 8.00 in the morning. Sometimes, when it rains the night before, the fog might stays until 9 o’clock. The view is breath-taking. The smell of the rain is also different at my hometown than here in JB because my town is surrounded by oil palm plantation. Here, the rain smelled of smoke and chemicals. Back there where I came from, the rain smelled of grass and rotten woods. It’s so refreshing. Maybe this is why I’ve always love the rain ever since I was a little kid.

Since I like the rain so much, I don’t understand why some people are making a fuss when it rains. I have a friend who, most of the time, act like the rain is ruining her whole day. If it rains in the morning, she’d start complaining, “How am I supposed to go to work? I don’t have car. Nobody can come pick me up.” One day, I said to her, “What’s wrong with going to work by bike even if it’s raining? You can always wear a rain coat. If you are not comfortable with wet stockings, then bring another pair to work. If you are afraid of falling sick, then go to your doctor and ask for an Influenza injection. Your last option is buy a car. But since you don’t have the money, stop complaining and face the reality. Then, go back to my suggestion number one.” Yes, I was a little bit harsh but life isn’t supposed to be that hard, is it? She still complains now, but I manage to master the art of switching my ears to silent mode.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The best thing I learned about rain is that rain emits a very strong alpha wave. What is alpha wave? Alpha energies are the most powerful frequencies that our brain can emit. Alpha wave enhances our brain’s ability in creative problem solving, accelerated learning, mood elevation and stress reduction. Other than that, alpha wave also opens up our unconscious mind. According to the study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, this alpha state programs our visualizations into our unconscious mind and makes things happen. I think this is why in some beliefs or religions; one of the best times to pray or make a wish is during rainfall. I love to think that the rain is a special gift from God, especially in Malaysia where it rains the whole year round. It is as like Jaya Jusco organizing JCard Day every week.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I believe that when we are grateful of something, we will get something back in return, sometimes in an unexpected form. Therefore, I would like to give you a suggestion. After this when it rains, instead of thinking it will ruin your day, you might want to enjoy the slight cold and the alpha frequency it emits. Stand by the window, close your eyes and simply enjoy the smell and the sound of rain hurling down your rooftop.

Back to you, Toastmaster of the Evening.


Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

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