I don’t think I can ever be a kindergarten teacher. Not because I don’t like kids. It’s because I like them too much I can faint of excessive laughter when being too long around them. Also, for continually rapidly changing mood – *laugh angry happy furious laugh again – when being around them. This are, perhaps, the reasons why people who work mainly with kids are blessed with longer youth and the feeling of serene.

A few months back, I watched Taare Zameen Paar on Youtube (international title: Every Child is Special), a very inspiring movie directed and produced by Aamer Khan which have won many awards for the strong and significant message sold. The movie tells a story about a boy who is suffering from dyslexia and how the parents, who were unaware of this, had take a wrong action on their child. Luckily, Aamer Khan, who featured as a teacher in the movie, discovered this and fought for the child and helped him. The child is actually gifted with extraordinary talent and IQ level.


A few years back, I read an article in Reader’s Digest about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), also a type of ‘unseen’ disease suffered by children. The article feature a real story of a mother who fought for her child’s education in kindergarten – to be treated equally and understandably by the teachers.

The main problem about these diseases is they are unseen. The symptoms are vague. Even educated parents who are not exposed to some basic medical knowledge would be unaware and unable to detect those symptoms. The main arguments among parents, and even medical experts, revolves around “How do you distinguish between the symptoms and that the children are simply being children – ignorant and innocent?” Furthermore, as children are unable to vividly describe their feelings and situations their facing, the diagnostic becomes even more challenging process.

For example, how do we know whether these pictures I include below are the symptoms of dyslexia or simply innocent confusion?

I remember I used to write some words in mirroring view when I was in kindergarten (because my mother kept my books till I was in high school) and I remember vaguely that my parents and my teacher (naturally) were not cool with that. But now after years, I don’t know whether I happened to have any kind of these ‘unseen’ children disease. * The truth is I hate to call them disease because it sounds negative, but I don’t know how else to put it 😦

Let’s look at the picture below. I believe that this kid has quite high IQ for a five year old for being able to arrange numbers in logical sequence backwardly. But he still got the answers wrong for writing the numbers in mirror view. I wonder if this is fair for him.

I always think kids are very interesting to observe. It is amazing how we all once were kids, yet we forget being kids and still have to figure them out once we have our own. I guess HE has HIS own way of doing things.

“Children are something that we borrow from our future. It is our duty to take good care of them before we hand them back”


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

6 thoughts on “Children”

  1. baru perasan ko punya reply hahaha..
    aku dah tengok cerita tu kat youtube.. habis cuci mata aku.. keh keh keh.
    ok.. speechless gak.. (sbb tak bagi speech.. write je..)

  2. aku teringat yang aku sangat gembira dengar cerita mak si Zafran pasal kerja dia dan kanak-kanak dia (mak zafran ajar pra-sekolah).. aku gembira, mak dia pun gembira.. aku rasa aku nak buka tadika la.. hehehehe..

    dan.. ini artikel kedua yang aku baca sebut pasal movie itu… kau ada? aku nak!!!!

    bila aku nak ada anak ni… uhuhuhuhu…

    1. Aku ada tapi xde sub. Kalau ko nak copy kena cari sub file sendiri. Unless you understand Hindi. Might as well watch with Avtar XD.

  3. Kak Afzani,

    That was truly a beautifully written article. I have helped my mom at the kindy during breaks and I know it is not as easy as it seems. How she manages to stay so cool and laugh at their naughtiness is beyong my understanding,
    I would for her to read this article. She always thought you would be a great journalist.
    My sister Elissa has learned tremendously by working side by side with my mom. My mom taught kids with special needs especially kids with Austism. One kid that was under her wings is now in Public School and doing brilliantly in his studies. All kids ARE special in his and her own way.

    Best Wishes
    Emily Jayne Elliot

    1. Emily, you are so fortunate for having such a great mother. Always knew that she is one. And for you to have had great opportunities working with her like that, I’m so jealous. It must’ve surely be a rewarding experience. I wish one day I can be a good mother too =). Thank you for reading and your response.

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