A Week After They Are Gone

Two of my friends died last week. She died on Sunday, January 15th. He died on Tuesday, January 17th. They both died because of car accident.


She and I were close enough for me to feel her absence. We sat in a meeting just two weeks before she went away. She died in her forties. She were not married. But she was a kindergarten teacher, and thus the lives of children that she has touched were, perhaps, more than a mother’s worth of love.

People who prayed for her (Solat Jenazah – a special prayer for the dead) said that

“there was a sweet odor coming from her dead body while we were gathering for the prayer”


Allahyarhamah Zainon: The left-most


He was a friend I knew when I was an active member of an NGO. He was always the father-like one. It has been a long time since we last met. But before his wedding reception, we chatted on Facebook and he happily invited me to the ceremony. He also sent me his invitation card via postage.

But I didn’t go…

No more than two weeks after December 25th, his wedding reception, he got into accident and coma. And then he went away.

Allahyarham Fikri: Standing behind, in brown.

 They went away in blessings

One day, my time will come. When that time comes, I pray for taubah before that, I pray for rahmah during that, I pray for forgiveness after that and I pray for relief during sakaratul maut.

Kak Ainon and Fikri, my heart and du’as for both of you. May we meet in heaven, Ameen.


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

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