Books and I

There’s a saying from a man I’ve forgotten. He said:

‘Show me one’s private collection of shelves, I can tell you all there is to know about that person.’

Bibliomaniac vs bibliophile

Bibliomaniac – someone who loves collecting or buying books.

Bibliophile – someone who loves books, read them from cover to cover and digest the philosophy or gist of the book into his/er life.

I was, once, convinced that I am a bibliophile. But as I looked at my shelves and pointed out some books I intend to read but never get to it or books I read but never finished or books I finished but never understood some of the contents, my confidence wavered. I realized that I’m far behind an epic bibliophile. But I resolved that I’m satisfied as long as I don’t fall into the trap of bibliomaniacs who believe that they are bibliophiles.

Books and Dreams

Every single book on my shelve came with sentimental values to me. I usually wrote down the date and where I bought it. Sometimes, I even wrote down with whom I bought the book. If it is a gift, I jot down the event. I can give reasons to every book I bought – the content value, the font type, the letter size, the texture of the cover, the smell of the papers, the introduction of the writer, someone’s or some blog’s recommendation etc.

My dream house, when I was a kid, always features a big library – full of books heard and unheard, popular and not so popular, found everywhere and rare. This idea was inflicted by my favorite fiction The Shadow of The Wind (still my favorite after years). The idea of donating books and funding libraries around the globe really fascinates me – like Red Stevens in the movie The Ultimate Gift.

Nowadays, my mind dances around the idea of

‘how do we produce a legacy of book readers (or bookworms, as many people like to call them)?’

since reading is not yet a popular habit that Malaysians can be proud of. Furthermore, the statistics produced turned out to be doubtful. My guess is even as the number of book lovers increase, the gap between book reader and non-reader widens, resulting in the stagnant average number of books read by Malaysians per year.

But then I think…

Screw unreliable statistics! And begin the process of cataloging my personal collections (which I intended to do since a year-or-so ago =P).

4 thoughts on “Books and I

  1. Ko memang sangat hebat mendramakan sampai tahap yang aku sendiri tak terfikir, kan? *tapi menarik jugak memang tu* 😛

  2. Pun boleh… silap2 korang beli satu rumah lagi khas untuk buku.. lepas tu bila kawan2 nak datang minum2.. “jemput ke rumah buku saya.. ” hehehe.. menarik!

  3. Suka.. tulis tarikh beli buku.. and yup, sentimental value of the book we bought! yeah! when it comes to a book that I really love, but I bought it with someone that hurt me after that, I choose the book, not the sentimental value.. ngeh ngeh ngeh.. so, I still love the book! (Contengan Jalanan) Kau fikir rumah ada banyak buku ek..? Tak pernah terfikir, aku terfikir, rumah ada bilik untuk almari baju besar muahaha.. Tapi kita sama-sama nak ada lampu cantik2 kan? =D thanks for sharing about bibliomaniac & bibliophile

    1. Almari baju besar itu memang sinonim dengan ko. Yang kelakar lagi, aku siap berangan dulu-dulu, kalau kahwin dengan ulat buku, perpustakaan aku jadi double size. Jimat duit 50% nak gandakan buku-buku aku. Boleh x?

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