Strange Day

How queer everything is today.

Let me think.

Was I the same when I woke up this morning?

– Alice in Wonderland –

A few days back, I woke up with a strange feeling at 4 am. Cici Wawa Maisara was nudging my left arm and Mulan was snuggling my foot with her claws – the reason I woke up. Cici had had fever for a week then. And I had almost recovered from fever after a couple of days, but the cough persist and it kept me awake at nights.

Later that day, I borrowed a friend’s car to send Cici to the veterinarian. I felt that she was so light because I hadn’t seen her eaten for a few days. She was behaving weirdly, not wanting to stay far from me, even though she was too weak to move around.

The weather was also weird that day. It was almost 10 am when I got out of the house, but the sky color was as if it was only 8 am. The Sun looked like it was shy to come out that day after feeling guilty of a mistake it made to the Moon the day before. So it came out late so that it could stay as far away as it can from the Moon. The sky was grey, but I saw no rain clouds. And it didn’t rain till the end of the day.

My nose felt bloated due to the drifting fever. I couldn’t hear properly because my ears were affected too. The sounds I heard that day were strange to my ears. Voices are muffled and I need to repeat what everybody was saying to make sure I heard them correctly. I was not confident when I drove because I could have mistaken the sounds of vehicles for gushing winds. The world seemed quiet to me because the sounds had reached my ear drums improperly the amplitude seemed low than it was.

I lost a couple of kilograms because I couldn’t smell my food and they kept coming out every time the cough got me aggressively. Even though I didn’t lose appetite, I might have unconsciously eat small portions. It was strange when my housemate asked “How does it taste?’ when I ate her cooking because I couldn’t describe things I couldn’t feel. I ate anyway. Her cooking had never fail me. Why should it be that time?

I watched Phoebe in Wonderland the night before.

“It’s called the Guilles de la Tourrets syndrome. I think the name is beautiful.”                                                                                    – Phoebe –

And I watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland later that night. It complete those feeling of strangeness for those movies were telling ‘strangeness’ in their own fashion.

The day ended well. I got through calmly. The strangeness struck me. Yet it disappears as the day fades among the mist at midnight. And I welcomed the day after that cheerfully.

P/s: I find my style of writing quite different this time. Perhaps it is due to me reading the original classic Dracula now.

One thought on “Strange Day

  1. i thought it is different because i am in the laboratory while reading this… cold.. sounds of instruments.. smells of metal.. hoho.. because normally i read on my bed lalala.. rupa-rupanya, pengaruh Dracula =p

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