The Government and Young People

I watched The Hunger Games a few days back and reading the first of the trilogy now. It appeared to me that this movie, even though they didn’t claim so, is a perfect satirical emulation of some governments today. In other words, this is what will happen if we keep bowing to insolence and atrocious yet powerful people.

After watching this movie, I went on watching some older movies with similar themes – the government versus young citizens. Movies which portray young people’s fight against the so-called acclaimed authorities. One of them is City of Ember.

The thing about movies is they made the fights look far easier than in reality. In the real world, the sweats, the tears, the bloods, all cost higher than they seem in movies. But these kinds of movies – let alone the fact that people involved made a lot of money – give good food for thoughts. They keep my mind running, thinking unstoppably.

Why does it have to resemble the real government?

It is all about common sense. Do the powerful people not have common sense?

Why does the powerful people treat them like that?

Does the fight that easy?

And when the movie ends, more questions kept flooding my mind.

The victory is just the beginning of the more important struggle, right?

Isn’t it more difficult to build back their systems from the ruins they’ve made?

What happened if the next generation will not appreciate the victory? Will they continue the works they had left for them?

The loss of family and friends in the fight? Even after the victory, even they say it is a necessary loss in any fight, how do they make up to it? How will they let go?

They have become a different people after the victory. How do they keep to their goal after being what they have become?

People said, some questions are very hard to answer. In words. The answers will come as you live life, as you survive through the fight, as you watch the debris you left behind. That’s why

Knowledge shrinks as wisdom grows.

Sometimes, they are some older people who say, “Have you not enough of what you have today? Be grateful. You live peacefully, unlike people in Tunisia, Afghanistan, Syria.” They thought we are young, and so we are senseless, we fight because we have the energy it takes and we need to flush them away. They are wrong. This is no zesty.

The fight is there because it is a must, because we saw. One friend of mine has a perfect answer that I shall never forget, “It is because we don’t wanna end up like them, we start the fight now. You don’t wait until after the flood to rescue. You do it when the drain starts overflowing with water.”

People see the short term fight in those countries and they thought what happened to them is the consequences of the fight. They don’t read their sufferings years before that. They don’t read their long, stretching, slow small movements long before the media-covered fights. This is what happened in today’s world – people watch, they don’t read. It’s because people want things fast and reading is not fast enough.

Some even say, “You are still young.” So, do we need to wait? I think, even if I started the day I was born, I still need to pass some works to the next generation when my time comes. And they told us to start L A T E R. How old was Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh then?

Young people, we may not be the best. But who sets the benchmark of perfection? If we wait, the time will never come.



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