Yaya Toure

I am not big fan of football. I just watch matches occasionally when they are aired on TV. I have never heard of this guy named Yaya Toure who plays for Manchester City until a few weeks back when he contributed two winning goals for the team and this video came out.


This video bothered me. It kept me awoke one night. I felt abashed by the way he said it.

I don’t drink because I’m a Muslim. You keep it.

The way he said it – so sure, so definite. He was turning down the Man-of-The-Match champagne – the prestigious gift. He did that on an interview, openly. He didn’t say sorry. He said it as if stating:

I’m a Muslim and I’m proud of it. Nothing can take this pride away from me. Prestigious is human-made word.

My heart ‘trembled’ as I watched the video and I keep pressing the replay button a few times.

The reason is if that happened to me, what follows would be a couple of seconds of awkward silence where I’m considering what to do, I would say sorry I can’t drink it and perhaps, take it (since it is prestigious), anyway, while keeping in thought that I can always give it to someone else afterwards.

The problem about saying sorry is as if admitting that we had just made a mistake. As if being a Muslim was a mistake and I should adhere to the global culture. Allah, forgive me…

But then I realized, who define globally accepted culture? Who define any culture to say that you are out of place? Sometimes, you just have to voice it out. That is when you will find that other people actually listen. I was the one who assumed that people won’t listen.

I don’t drink because I’m Muslim.

I prayed five times a day because I’m Muslim.

I don’t eat some kind of food because I’m Muslim.

I avoid handshakes with guys because I’m Muslim.

I’m Muslim and I always try to get better in being one.


One thought on “Yaya Toure

  1. yup.. it is true it has a big different (at least, i feel the different) when saying, i am sorry, i can’t eat pork because i am a muslim vs i am not eating pork because i am a muslim.. kan kan kan… tapi ada gak rasa ‘sorry’ tu sopan, tapi kalau kita tolak pelawaan, kan biasanya, “no, thank you”, bukan “no, sorry” hahaha.. tricky lak English ni aku rasa lah!!! (terlari topik, pasal bahasa pulak hehe)..

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