“Have you finish school?”

I had left school almost nine years ago. Despite that, I still get the question “Have you finish school?” or anything equivalent to that. Usually when I wear something simple – head scarf, shirt, pants and sandals. You see now that high heels and handbags are not just accessories to me. They are necessities – to show people my real age.

I’m neither disturbed nor concern about this. I felt it’s funny sometimes. There are even rare cases where I got “How many years till you finish high school, dear?” But this is very rare. Usually involving short sighted grandparents.

The downside of this is people usually ignore me. The upside is people usually ignore me. No typo error. They are both true.

When people ignore me, I need to do more to convince people that I’m worth something. I need to speak up. I need to come in front. I need to show my confidence. That’s what I do in interviews. That’s what I do in group assessments. I need to earn the respect. Age matters in some occasions.

But when people ignore me, I get to look at anyone and anything I want without the guilt of being seen as childish. I get to stare at people longer and observe them. I get to look around in the mall as I wish. I get to stare at things as long as I please and never offend anyone. I’m just another kid who is interested in anything. People brush me off and forget me in seconds when I’m caught observing them.

Since I like observing people, the advantage overtook the downside. So I take this age perception as a good thing. Wear the right outfit and I get to delude people into seeing me as I want them to. Nice!


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

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