One day, a leaf had a conversation with a girl.

Leaf: How are you?
Girl:  I’m in pain.

Leaf: What happened?
Girl:  First, it burns. Second time, it was excruciating, throbbing and scorching.
Now, I’m numbed.

Leaf: Oh… How come?
Girl:  First, it happened. Then, it happened. After that, it happened again and

Leaf: Poor you… Who did that?
Girl:  Someone close. It is easier to say if that person is no longer here, or tell
people that that person has walked away, or I have left that person. But it is
not. It is not that simple.

Leaf: When did it start?
Girl:  Since I can remember.

Leaf: That’s a long time. Where does it hurt?
Girl:  (points to her heart)

The leaf floated and rested on the girl’s chest, right next to her heart and the girl touched the leaf and kept it in her weak palm.