Three Ways I Keep My Brain Sharp

1. Play Sudoku

Puzzles are known to keep brains active. I have a collection of Sudoku, Kakuro, bridges and other puzzles to play with. When I’m driving I play a number game I created with my sister that involves plate numbers which we used to play in car trips. I challenge myself to new puzzles every time I get used to or get bored of some.

2. Exercise other senses

Humans depend mostly on vision in daily life. It is good to practice our other senses to make full use of it. Take some time to close your eyes and consciously listen to sounds around you. Or sit in an open air and feel the surroundings with your skin. Just make sure you pick the right place to do this. I usually do this at beach or grass field.

This exercises are also a way I make myself happy. Every time I do this, I feel more grateful for all these senses that God has given me. Thus, it made me happier.

I like a talk given by Julian Treasure regarding listening at TEDTalks.

3. Read upside down

I think this is the hardest among what I usually do. I do this with novels and small books which I wrapped to cover them. I don’t want people staring at me when I read in public. But most of the time, I do this at home because reading like this is quite tough for me, so I need to concentrate.

I do puzzles, exercise senses and read upside down to keep my brain sharp. Share your other tips with me! 🙂


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

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