Commitment to People

Just a few weeks back, I read a quote from a famous people, quoted in Facebook that goes something like this:

Make commitment to people. If you make commitment to money, people go away from you. If you make commitment to people, both money and people stick to you.

These lines struck me, made me paused my scroll when I saw it the first time. I was reminded to those times when I kept saying “I’m not a people person”. Maybe, I think, maybe… it is because I think that a relationship must be built on a need or for a cause.

In my case, that motivation may not be money. But I’ve always thought that to start a relationship, I must put the effort, thus I found it a little bit of an obligation. The obligation to reach back to the other person, the obligation to start the conversation and keep it moving and so many other things that my mind could made up (not surprisingly, they are all in my mind). But the truth is I had forgot the deal behind:

hablum min Allah wa hablum min an-nas

I had forgotten that the need to hold to HIS ‘rope’, the need to remember HIM also includes when I’m connecting to other people. I forgot the fact that human’s my mind and heart are also HIS. I forgot all these when I don’t feel like connecting to strangers around me.

I also forgot that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us to extend silaturrahim (brotherhood) and to greet people warmly because those are the basics of connecting with people around us in peace and kind way.

Surprisingly, though not coincidentally *SubhanALLAH*, not many days later, a friend reminded me of something almost similar. This friend said:

Our mistake in doing good things, anything, lies in our perspective. We focus on making the systems work. We focus on keeping to the rules. We do not focus on the relationship-building, the people skills and out networks or contacts.

Again, something about making commitment to people. Systems may crumble but as long as noble people exist, new and better systems can be re-built. Rules may change, but noble people change them for better. People evolve, but systems and rules don’t evolve unless humans make them so. It is important to ‘produce’ good people and keep them in your circle. Some big businesses recognize this and that’s why they spend a lot on building their ‘people’.

Networking, connecting, relationship-building or whatever term you want to call it is something that we hear almost everyday. That’s why Facebook was created. That’s the basis of every business. That’s what salespersons do in their job. But now, I have a fresh perspective on the foundation or the right philosophy on this subject.

Earlier today, I went to my branch office at Menara Public JB. As I observe people, some familiar, some strangers, I can’t help noticing. Some people smiled at me and some people even avoided my eye-contact. Since most of those coming there are working the same job as mine, salesperson, I can’t avoid thinking, “Do these people really make commitment to people sincerely?” They mind their own business here, why? Because UTCs are surely not their prospective clients? Because other people other than prospective clients are not important so there is no need to notice them?

It is not my job to judge others. But this situation taught me to evaluate the way I connect to people. Sincerity. Do I make friends or do I seek benefits?

Do I do this for me or sincerely?


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

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