T: Dah makan?

A: Dah.

T: Hari ni tak ada kuliah?

A: Kuliah dah habis pagi tadi.

(awkward silence)

T: Nak cakap dengan mak?

A is I. T is my father (Abah). That is often the most telephone conversation I had with Abah. He doesn’t talk much.

There are many things that he did, left unspoken of, until I discover it myself.

Like, when he fixed my things without me asking. He asked about me through my mother even though he seemed unfriendly through the phone. He cried beside my bed at nights when he scolded me earlier that day. And so many other things.

I’m grateful in knowing that he had always love me and still does. In his silence and lack of conversations, he taught me a great lesson:

The greatest feeling of human – love – need not spoken of, but shown.

Happy birthday, Abah! 🙂


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

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