Johor Jaya Toastmasters Club President’s inaugural speech in the first meeting of term 2012/2013, the 300th meeting.

Fellow Toastmasters, ladies and gentlemen,

Today I’m grateful. I’m grateful because I’m surrounded by great people and friends. I’m grateful that you trusted me to become your President. I’m grateful that Terrence’s words had came true – I have a team of exco whom are beautiful or handsome, young and energetic.

There are great people, wise leaders and noble friends in my team of executive committees. There is no other way to feel about them but love. Today, I’m going to introduce them to all of you.

Our VPE is a guy who joined Toastmasters at the same time with me. Someone who never boasts about his good qualities, which you can only see when you are close enough to him. I’m happy that he started the term with the spirit and enthusiasm that I salute. He changed his day off to Wednesday and willing to take up this role even though he was just promoted at work, which means larger amounts of works and responsibilities. Let’s welcome, CC Perkash Loganathan.

The new VPM is a great speaker who had just received the CC award. His voice, which he is so proud of, reminds me of my late grandfather, strict yet assuring. He likes to describe himself as the opposite of what he truly is, for example, the villain, the Casanova and the narcissist. One way to prove it is by complementing him and doing that for a few minutes, his face will turn red. I mean, a Casanova can’t be that shy. Let’s welcome, CC QJ Tan.

Our VPPR is a dear friend of mine. I was her mentor. I am her mentor since she said, “You must be my mentor forever.” She told me a few times, “You’re the man. If you’re a guy, I am definitely marrying you.” That sounds pretty weird but that was meant to be adorable. I’m so proud of her because she’s taking the role even when she is also the President of UTM Toastmasters, to which she said, “Now, you are also my president mentor. You cannot escape me.” But in truth, she’s so independent I feel I didn’t do much as a mentor. Let’s welcome, CC Nor Ain Husein.

My secretary. Our secretary is a beautiful, young lady. She’s so humble till some people thought she’s naïve and child-like. Maybe it’s also because she always looks nervous and panic. But these people who thought so must have never seen her in action outside Toastmasters. When I asked her to take up this role, her answer was simple, “Afzan, if you need me, I’m ok.” To me, this is a sign of a noble friend. I’m proud of her willingness to help me. Let’s welcome, TM Tea Hui Shyan.

Our Treasurer is supposed to be Hian Siew. But I’m sad to inform that Hian Siew cannot be in the exco team due to sudden changes in her study schedule. She attended the first exco meeting. Even for only two weeks, I’m proud to have her in the team, all the same. Thus, the Treasurer seat is still vacant.

Finally, our Sergeant-At-Arms. She is a very new member to the club, yet I salute her because among some new members I asked to take up this role, she was the only one who said, “I’ll think about it.” To me, this means that she is confident with her leadership skills, but observant enough to still ask for time to consider this new environment she is in. She has the air of calmness and humility around her, despite her age – the signs of a great leader. Let’s welcome, TM Nur Farhana Mohd Isa.

Fellow Toastmasters, these are the people who will serve you throughout the term. I am proud of them. In my acceptance speech last term, I said that good leadership binds friendship. When at the end of the term, after all the trials and tribulations, our friendship strengthens, that means we have successfully practice good leadership. I’m looking forward to working with these great friends. Thank you. You may be seated.


Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

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