My Mistake

I had made a mistake when I posted 30-Day Challenge into this blog a few weeks ago. I announced a commitment that I wasn’t confident to keep. As life got into me and time crunched my time-management skills, I lost the energy and gave up on keeping the commitment.

As I was blaming myself for the mistake, I stumbled into this one great video by Derek Sivers on TED Talks:

The basic idea seemed simple, yet it is a common mistake many people make. And Derek Sivers has put his extensive research into an instant applicable resolution anyone can make – stop telling people our goals. As simple as that.

This used to be my way of doing when I was still in school. I was born into a culture where telling what you have yet done is either seen as boasting or all-talks. You only announced something when it’s confirmed. But as I grow up and entered university, I had unlearned this way and was taught about self confidence. Self confidence is undeniably good, except for the fact that announcing goals is considered one best ways to portray self confidence. In this instance, as explained in the video, it is not necessarily that way.

My views would never be the same, because I had managed to live with both ways. The best thing about this is I gained both perspectives. Thus, I can distinguish circumstances that requires any of the two ways. For instance, shared goal is announced to motivate people in our group. As a President of a club, one needs to communicate his/her personal goal for the club to motivate others in the club.

The mistake that I’ve made can’t be undone. And since I never delete any post in this blog (so far) this mistake will be recorded forever here. But the beauty about being human is our ability to forget. Even though this post will be forever recorded, I will learn to forget the uncomfortable feelings of admitting a mistake. And the best thing about this is, humans learn best from mistakes. It drives our growth.

I’ll just start over.


Thanks, in advance, for your feedback.

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