Small Acts of Kindness


There’s something exceptional about random, small act of kindness by strangers that makes our day. I usually don’t even know who they are but they leave impressions on me for years to come. They make me smile alone when seeing random people on the streets when remembered. They inspired me to do the same for others – the most important fact.

Once, I was parking my motorcycle in front of Seven Eleven. The roadside was a bit slanted and because I am a little bit short for the bike, it slid and I almost fell. The same instance, I felt someone pushing the bike from behind, holding it till I got down. He said, “You should park a little behind because of the uneven surface.” I thanked him. He worked at the Seven Eleven. I don’t even remember his face, let alone know his name, but I remembered his hands are marked by scars and visible veins.

One time, I walked out of a musolla. A lady suddenly stopped me, took my hand, dragged me aside and whispered, “Sister, you are wearing your head scarf inside out.” I was embarrassed but I thanked her very much before I went back and changed.

Yesterday, I was sitting at a bus stop, waiting for my friend to pick me up. An Indian woman walked out of a bus. I gave a her a smile as our eyes met. She surprised me by proceeding towards me, holding out her hands and greeted “Selamat Hari Raya” as we shook hands.

These are small things. But these are the things that set aside one’s character with another. The qualities we seek in friends. The kind of people we want to be family with. It makes us want to better our life. Reach out positively and positive people will be attracted to you.

“Shall we make a rule of life from tonight, always be a little kinder than necessary.”
-James M. Barrie


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

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