Devil’s Trill

This is my speech as Johor Jaya Toastmasters Club’s President in our recent Installation Night on August 24. It was a Joint Installation for three clubs including Sacred Heart Toastmasters Club and MIM Toastmasters Club of Johor Bahru.

Installation Night Montage

Area A4 Governor, CC Avtar Singh, Division A Governor, DTM Go Hwi Kueh, Immediate Past Division Governor, CC Ong Hong Siong, fellow club officers, ladies and gentleman. Good evening.

ACS Yvonne thanked her club members and friends in her speech just now. Whereas ACS Yasotha said she thinks that she isn’t up to the par but is grateful for the support from her club members. In my case, I don’t know any of that.

All I know is when I gave my first opening speech in the club meeting, I couldn’t help but noticed the unreservedly happy face of CC Terrence, our Immediate Past President, because his term was over. And I can’t wait to be as happy as he is.

<audience laughed>      <———-couldn’t help remembering this

But then, in the same opening speech, I introduced my fellow club officers and I realized that I am not alone in this. I have a great team by my side. I am more convinced that I have great people in my executive committee team when at the beginning of the term, CC Perkash and CC QJ laid out their personal plans for the term for their respective roles; CC Ain, my friend, agreed to become our Vice President of Public Relations even though she is also the President of UTM Toastmasters Club; and the first time club officers, Hui Shyan, Suraizah and Farhana are enthusiastic about learning their roles and confidently set out to complete the tasks assigned to them.

<initiated applause for my executive committee team>

Ladies and gentlemen,

Does anyone recognized the song or composition played in the montage background?

<nobody got the correct answer>

The composition is called Devil’s Trill. It was played by Vanessa Mae and composed by Giuseppe Tartini. It is considered as quite possibly the most difficult violinist solo ever composed in history.

As an analogy; if all us here were musicians and I was the violinist to play Devil’s Trill, I’d like to have the people I’d mentioned just now as my accompanying musicians.


With that, thank you for being with us tonight and I look forward for an amazing term with all of you. Back to the host, CC Hidayati.

Devil’s Trill by Vanessa Mae


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

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