Area A4 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contests 2013/2014


The contest was held at 8 Days Boutique Hotel in Permas Jaya. Six contestants from Sacred Heart Toastmasters, MIM Toastmasters and Johor Jaya Toastmasters did their best to win in each contest.

Nevertheless, winning or not, all contestants had brought home invaluable experience with them.

To read more about this event, visit Division A District 51 Toastmasters blogsite.

The best part was, right after the contest, some of us went straight to UTM Aces Toastmasters meeting to witness their President’s inaugural speech. In her closing address, Madam President shared how grateful she is for support from us, visiting Toastmasters. As General Evaluator of the meeting, I mentioned how ‘AWESOME’ their members are for keeping high motivation level despite their limited resources.

This is another day where I was awed by spirits and courage of my Toastmasters friends.

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