3 Incidents That Made Me Smile Today

I bought Domino’s Pizza for lunch. While waiting in the queue, a mid-Eastern guy came to the counter and mumbled something to the cashier. The cashier’s brows crinkled. They guy kept repeating the same words and the cashier girl even turned behind for her friend’s help. Her friend was standing near the kitchen door.

I tried to listen to their conversation and I finally sneaked in, “You mean post office?” The guy nodded. I showed him the way which was just a few shop lots away. The guy thanked me. After he left, the cashier and I smiled at each other and I said, “It’s the accent, huh?” I guess a few years with multinational classmates turned out to be useful these days.


I rode back to my hometown afterwards. On my way, there was a construction site. They put on signboards to warn road users which is very good. The only funny thing was it is spelled wrongly. If you know Malay language, it is supposed to be HADAPAN. The sign reads ‘Warning, constructions in front’.

I purposely turned back and stopped to take this picture. And to not let other road users thought that I’m in trouble and needed help, I pretended I was looking for something that fell down and then acted like I’m answering call and texting.

Not long after this sign, I stumbled upon a guy riding with his dog in front. It made me laughed out loud. Partly because I never succeeded doing that with any of my cat. Another part because the dog’s face radiates pure happiness and joy, like it is his best treat from his master. They look something like the picture below.


I read from somewhere I couldn’t remember:

“If you can find humor in almost every situation in your life, that’s pure happiness.”

Smile in every situation.



Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

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