Goals, Reminders and Evaluation

Goals, reminders and evaluation.

Area Governor, CC Avtar Singh, fellow Toastmasters and guests. Good evening.

What do goal, reminder and evaluation have in common? They are tools for success. They are tools to make daily lives meaningful. They are tools for a team like us to succeed.

As a Muslim, I’m grateful that at least five times a day, I’m programmed to do all these three. In the morning prayer, I reset goals for the day. In the three consecutive prayers, I remind myself, ‘Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this?’ And in the night prayer, I contemplate the course of my day, “Was it meaningful? In what way can I improve?’

I believe, regardless of your religion, you have ways to keep yourself on track in moving towards your goals. Meditation, prayers, writing them down and so on.

As a Toastmasters club, we have Club Success Plan, Distinguished Club Programme and awards that help us in constructing our goals. We have club officers and district officers who give reminders from time to time to make sure we are on track. We also give and receive feedback to evaluate performance and improve. In fact, the presence of Area Governor today with us also helps us in staying on track towards our goals.

As a President, I’ve set that one of my goal is to align the club goals to members’ needs. One way of doing it is by constantly communicating with members to speak about your personal goals. Thus, fellow Toastmasters, help me by providing feedback and letting me understand your goals. Your success is the club’s success.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our Area Governor for his official visit to our club today. And let us all except Siew Peng stand up and applaud Siew Peng for winning the first runner up in Area A4 Humorous Speech Contest. I believe Siew Peng has benefit a lot from that experience.

I will now hand the control of the lectern to our star of the evening.

Join me to welcome TM Shirley Kang.


Author: Ajan

An aspiring speaker & writer who believes in cakes, cats and compounding return.

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