The Future of A Toastmasters Club

Advanced Project 5 from Speeches by Management manual
21 January 2014
Delivered at UTM Toastmasters Club meeting venue – C17, UTM JB


When this speech was delivered, only three people among the audience knew that it was not true – the Toastmaster of The Meeting (host), the President and the Area Governor.

For the record, there is no such rule as shutting down or merging clubs in Toastmasters. In fact, weak clubs are helped by coaches and district officers in many ways.

In short, the whole speech is a fib EXCEPT the first paragraph where I described how I feel about members of the club.

Fellow friends of UTM Toastmasters Club and visiting Toastmasters,

The members of this club are some of the amazing Toastmasters I’ve met in my three years as a member. You work hard. You’re so eager to learn. You’re inspiring me with your persistence. I’m so glad that I’ve become a part of you all these while even only as a regular visiting Toastmaster. Thus, to explain what I’m going to explain is a hard thing to do for me.

Do you know that there is a rule in Toastmasters International that states any club that has less than 10 members for three consecutive dues renewal terms will have to be merged with other Toastmasters club or shut down? That means if a club renews with less than 10 members every March for three years in a row, the club will have to find another club to be merged with or shut down. In your case, in March 2011, you renewed with 8 members, in March 2012, you renewed with 8 members, and in March 2013, you renewed with 9 members. Thus, TI will send the warning letter and they’ll probably shut the club down at the beginning of next term in July.

I see that there are three ways to overcome this situation. They do not totally solve the problem but they are better alternatives to the problem.

  1. You work very hard to achieve at least 1 more member by the end of March and send an appeal letter to Toastmasters International with a supporting letter by your Area Governor.
  2. Another way is to merge your club with UTM Aces Toastmasters Club or any other club. But I’d suggest UTM Aces since it is the closest to you. You’ll have to decide which club’s name remains and whether it’ll still be an in-house club or not.
  3. Or, the final alternative is to shut down the club, but before that transfer your members to other clubs nearby.

I believe you can understand now how crucial the next two months will be because you have to make this decision by the end of March. Why March? Because that’s the membership renewal deadline is 1st April. You have to find new members and send the appeal before the end of March or transfer your members to other club by then. If you don’t transfer your members, they will have to pay extra fee for reinstatement if they join other clubs after March.

Fellow friends of UTM Toastmasters Club,

Rejoice the fact that you had achieved so much all these years. In fact, you had done at least four things to contribute to your club’s Distinguished Club Goals: Dr. Zaleha achieved Competent Communicator, COT1, you submitted September dues on time and COT2. Celebrate these achievements despite this reality that affects your club’s future. I bid you all good luck in your Toastmasters journey in the future.

I received various feedback from the audience but one attracted my attention the most which said, “I foresee a great politician. Awesome. Good job.” I’m sure it was meant as compliment. But another way to look at it is it tells me that I’m a good liar. I feel a little bad.

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