3 Times A Week

I am fat. Save your wheedling. I don’t sugarcoat shit. I am aware that I am fat. In fact, I am borderline obese.

I also go to gymnasium. I try to do that 3 times a week. I don’t lose weight because I eat like a racing horse.


Why I hit the gym?

1. Focus. I go to there mostly alone. I don’t make small talk. I go in, change, exercise and go out. Usually takes around one hour.

2. Freedom. I go to a gym with a floor dedicated only for ladies. So I can be freeeeeeee. You also look less weird singing Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant on a treadmill than in a recreational park.

3. Weights. I usually train with weights, cardio (treadmill or bike) and then back to weights. I like the equipments. There are mirrors for me to check my form, as well.

I feel that the money I spent for every entry is worth all those. I don’t pay for membership, because I usually go in the morning, which is happy hour. Beats membership cost.


The question I usually get is “How much weight have you lost?” I don’t lose. Told you I eat like there’s no tomorrow. But I gain these significant benefits, instead.

1. Clothes fit better. Even though you don’t lose weights, you can feel your muscles grow firmer and your body more toned. Clothes are good measure.

2. Better blood sugar control. Exercise regulates insulin better. Less craving for sugary food. So I eat better too. My mood also stabilizes.

3. Better sleep. As someone who have this difficulty, exercise helps alot. I also wake up early and more refreshed on nights when sleep is scarce.

These gains are far better than losing weight. BUT, I don’t condone my eating habits. Yesterday in Toastmasters, someone spoke about eating healthy. I am aware I have to improve on this area.


I am just saddened every time I hear ladies say things like “I want to be thin so I look prettier” or when taking pictures, “Make me look thinner, please.”

Ladies, you are fat and beautiful and fabulous. No but! Let’s lose weight for health. Cause we are beautiful just the way we are.


Hit the gym. Eat right. Be proud of habits and disciplines.

A lot to improve.

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