Untold Stories

He laughed when she told him she needs tall, huge mirror. They went shopping for their first home. She doesn’t wear make up. She doesn’t take selfies. “Why would you need it?” he said.

He laughed because it was unusually funny. She stared at him blankly. She didn’t say anything.

He bought her the mirror, anyway.

And then they got married.




The scars run across her back. Raging red. She keeps the ointment bottles near the mirror.

They way she flinches at the slightest touch of his finger on her elbow, makes him sad.

She told him the story. He listened silently.




Sometimes when she sits quietly and stares into space, he wonders what more of her past she keeps from him. But he never pushes. He figures he has a lifetime to learn.

And even if that lifetime might be too short, he decides that he doesn’t mind not knowing.

He loves her, anyway.




#ajanstorytelling #excerptfromabookihaveyetwritten

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