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Blog saya ini umumnya terbahagi kepada 3:
My blog is divided into three main themes:




Personal Finance

Saya mengikuti tulisan-tulisan jutawan, usahawan dan jurujual terkenal seperti Puan Ainon Mohd, Afyan IFP, Gary Vee, Mel Robbins, Tom & Lisa Bliyeu, Kerwin Rae, Azizi Ali, Faizul Ridzuan dan ramai lagi.

Saya simpan nota-nota bisnes, kewangan dan pelaburan saya di sini:


If you love food, travel, waterfalls, movies, books and all random things related to those, you might find what you want to read here, in Lifestyle menu.


Sometimes my mind is buzzing and busy with its multidimensional worlds so I write to silence them. I keep most of my fictional writings in this section.

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