Agrotourism Homestay Sungai Sireh

Agrotourism Homestay Sungai Sireh, a memorable stay to experience the life of paddy villagers | Looking to experience life a true village Malaysian? Book a homestay at Kampung Sungai Sireh, Kuala Selangor and try cultural activities and learn about traditional Malay customs and agricultural technology.

As part of the fam trip organized by Tourism Malaysia, we were taken to an agrotourism village in Tanjung Karang, Selangor, known as Sungai Sireh. As part of their cultural homestay, guests can experience Malay lifestyle and immerse themselves in traditional Malay culture.

Activities at Agrotourism Homestay Kampung Sireh

Batik coloring

I don’t really know what I was doing. I am proud of the end product, though.

Riding on tractor

We were taken around the village to checkpoints on a tractor. Nice ride. We got a good view of the surrounding area. The best part was we wished “Selamat Pengantin Baru” loudly,all together, to all houses that have decorative tents in their lawn. It’s so nice traveling with fellow crazies. Haha.

Stay in traditional homes

Traditional homes were made with tree logs that were hand-cut by villagers themselves when they opened the village long time ago. The house remains mostly original to preserve the technological product on display.

Traditional paddy thumping machine
Traditional log transporting machine

Learn about traditional paddy planting, tree log cutting methods and herbal plants

Homestay Pak Ahmad at Kampung Sungai Sireh preserves some traditional tools and machines. There are also a lot of herbal plants around the house. We learned about them by answering quiz.

Intense and competitive fact-finding when playing quiz in groups at Homestay Sungai Sireh.

Fishing and catching catfish

What is the difference, you ask? You fish with a rod. You catch with bare hands. I didn’t do it. But it looks so fun. If you like mud and being wet, this activity is a must try. Later, you can clean yourself by bathing in ‘palong’, man-made clean water drain with pipes to control water to paddy squares.

To look at more pictures, you may visit my Facebook page below.

Official Facebook of Homestay Sungai Sireh

Contact number of Homestay Sungai Sireh

03-3269 2400

Location of Homestay Sungai Sireh

Jalan Parit Satu Sungai Sireh, 45500 Tanjong Karang, Selangor

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