Terbang ke Kota Bharu dari Johor Bahru dengan Firefly

Firefly kini menawarkan penerbangan terus ke Kota Bharu dari Johor Bahru | Berita baik untuk orang Johor yang merantau di Kelantan dan orang Kelantan yang merantau di Johor, juga untuk anda yang suka melancong ke Kelantan.

Penerbangan ini ditawarkan sebanyak tiga kali seminggu pada hari Selasa, Khamis dan Sabtu. Sesuai dengan Visit Kelantan 2020 dan Visit Johor 2020, bolehlah kita semua buat trip jalan-jalan dan makan-makan ke sana sini.

Firefly now offers direct flights to and fro Kota Bharu and Johor Bahru | Good news for Kelantaneses who travel to Johor and Johoreans who travel to Kelantan frequently, also those who like to explore these new cities more.

These flights are available three times every week which are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. As Visit Johor 2020 and Visit Kelantan 2020 are celebrated, this is a good chance to travel more and experience the food, culture and nature of these two states.

Complimentary snacks on board of JHB-KBR Firefly flight. Snek percuma dalam penerbangan Firefly JHB-KBR
Complimentary snacks on board of JHB-KBR Firefly flight

Official website and social media of Firefly Airlines

For booking, go to Firefly Airlines official website:


Follow Firefly Airlines on Facebook and Instagram for more info on their promotions.


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