Why I write

If one day, nobody remembers me in flesh and sound anymore and this blog is the only remaining of me, everything here is how I want to be remembered. A life well-lived is not to be kept in private for it is a gift for others.

“When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing sadaqah, a knowledge (of Islam) from which others benefit, and a righteous child who makes du’a for him.”

– Muhammad pbuh, quoted by Muslim and others.

My name is Ajan

Afzani Tual was gifted to me by my parents. Almost everyone call me Ajan.

I love water

I am a dedicated waterbender who hunt waterfalls and beaches in my spare times. Ironically, I still haven’t learn how to swim.

How I express myself

I took photos because I like to. I sing because I love to. I speak and write because I need to. A life well-lived is a life must-shared. We all possess some gifts the world needs.


I aim to achieve financial independence, and finally, freedom. I believe in enjoying the finer things in life at the most economical cost. After all, the best things in life are free.

My 2020 Targets:
1. Hunt 5 new waterfalls.
2. Invest RM4,000 more.
3. Build RM3,000 passive income.
4. Travel to 2 countries.
5. Publish 1 book.
Pray for me, guys!

Thank you for reading. xoxo

Here are my personal favorite posts from my blog:

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Financial Freedom

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Read more about what I do in the link below. I look forward to collaborate in exciting projects with you.