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Jamie, Doraemon (Moon) and Kookie

I live in a beautiful country called Malaysia, specifically in Johor Bahru, the most southern state in Peninsular Malaysia. I am a Javanese-Malay. So I guess I’m multilingual if Javanese is counted. I am a Muslim and striving to be a good one, but I respect other beliefs and I believe we can live harmoniously.

I work as a unit trust consultant with Public Mutual Berhad. But I can also say that I’m a part-time graphic designer and event manager. Basically, I’m currently doing what I love to do. It is not easy but I’m enjoying them for the moment. I’m a Toastmaster.

I love reading, gardening and travelling. I love taking photos, sketching, blogging and video-editing. I keep my photos and videos in a different blog. Though I can’t say that I’m good at them. And I love to write – I write in this blog and my other blog, I write diaries and I write my feelings to my loved ones instead of saying them. I love cats.

I’m writing this blog, mainly, to improve my English command. Therefore, I’d really appreciate if you are commenting just to correct my English usage. But, sometimes, I write in my first language too – Bahasa Melayu. This blog is also a form of motivation to me; something I commit to on regular basis and a way of keeping track of my personal goals.

If you have something in common with me, please subscribe and visit me regularly! Thank you for reading these random babbles. You awesomeness amazes me.





  1. Salaamualaikom. It’s so great to meet you virtually, and to find out you posted your toastmasters speeches here. InshaaAllah I will read them one at a time. I trained to be a youth leader of toastmasters International too for 2 consecutive years. It was a great experience and I wish to continue the training if just I’m given the chance.

    • Alaikumussalam. Me too. Your posts are so positive and inspiring.

      Do continue your journey in Toastmasters. I believe there are Toastmasters clubs where you come from, even though I’m not sure how to find it.

      Keep up the inspiring spirit in your writings!

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