The Little Things

The little things


I like –
The way you part your hair,
The way your mouth curls into a smile,
The way you sit while you enjoy your food,
The sound of your laughter,
The veins on your forehead,
The scar on your left index finger.

I like it when –
You cut your food into tiny pieces before you offer me,
You save my favourite part of fried chicken,
You wave at me when you see me,
You walk me to my car before we part,
You can’t stop talking when I’m hanging up the phone.

I love to –
Hear you tell me about your day no matter how menial,
Receive your text first thing in the morning,
Pick up your call at 3am cause you can’t sleep,
Keep you company even when you’re moody.

I’m in love with you
Cause love is in the little things.


The Gift of Silence

Call me wood
for not being able to show emotions.

Laugh at me
when I don’t show my disappointments.

Tell me I’m dull
when I keep quiet to critics.

Say I’m boring
for not getting angry.

Label me stupid
for smiling at negative comments.

Accuse me deaf
when I appear not listening.

How do you know I’m not disappointed?
How do you know I’m not sad?
How do you know I’m not angry?
How do you know I’m not intimidated?
How do you tell the difference?

You don’t.
You judge.
You assume.
All the time.

I embrace the gift of silence
when emotions surge through me.

I choose not to tell
what I don’t want to tell.

I’m different
than you.
It is simply this.

Stop it.
Don’t judge.
Don’t assume.
No more.
I’m tired. Insomniac.

Don’t probe me
when I’m in the nothing box.
For the gift of silence
in order to be grateful,
must be celebrated
in silence.