LEGO® City 4D Movie – Officer in Pursuit!

For the first time ever, I experienced a 4D movie. 3D for the graphic and 1D for the water, wind and bubbles effects. Fascinating! I was drenched and cold, but it was definitely unforgettable. The moment we were sprayed with water, I got the answers to why the 3D glasses they gave me was wet at the seams and why the seat I sat in were damp at the sides. Ah well… I was so naive and inexperienced. Everybody, go get your yearly passes and try every ride, play every game and watch every movie there in Legoland Malaysia. Read the details below:




LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort announced an exciting brand-new addition to LEGO® 4D Movie experience, with the launch of LEGO® City 4D Movie – Officer in Pursuit! that will have the whole family engaged and fully immersed in the 4D experience starting from 24 January 2019.

Fans will be able to watch LEGO® City Policeman chasing down mischievous crooks through the streets and skyscrapers of the metropolis. Packed with 4Deffects with bursts of bubbles, strong winds and sprays of water, this attraction will provide a truly immerse experience of the LEGO® universe.

Adding on to the excitement from LEGO® City 4D Movie, LEGOLAND® is hosting the LEGO® Movie Event Days in conjunction with the upcoming launch of the LEGO®Movie 2: The Second Part. Visitors could relive moments from their favourite LEGO® Movie™ franchise.

In conjunction withLEGO® Movie Event Days, the park will be filled with fun-filled activities where visitors can truly connect with their favourite characters from the movie, including:

  • “The LEGO Movie” Scavenger Hunt

Wyldstyle, MetalBeard, Unikitty and Benny have lost their way and Emmet needs help to find his friends in the Miniland.

  • “The LEGO Movie” Mystery Mosaic

Guests work together to help build a mystery LEGO mosaic throughout the weekend.

  • Character Meet and Greet Session

Meet Emmet, Wyldstyle and a new character to be discovered from the film during character meet and greet sessions.

  • LEGO® Movie Building Activity

Createspaceship and escape from the Alien Invaders that are attacking Bricksburg. The master builder will win exclusive collectables from the movie.

“The launch of LEGO®City 4D Movie – Officer in Pursuit! and LEGO® Movie Event Days are created for families to fully immerse themselves in the world of LEGO®, a truly unique experience that is only available at LEGOLAND®. In 2019, we are committed to introducing new attractions to keep the park fresh and exciting for everyone. Our guests can look forward to fun-filled activities and experiences that allow children to learn while having fun at the same time,”said Kurt Stocks, General Manager at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.

“We’ve recently announced new annual pass packages for MyKad holders where r Malaysians can enjoy unlimited access to LEGOLAND®’s Theme Park and Water Park, as well as free access to SEA LIFE Malaysia. With these valuable offers, LEGOLAND® is a great place for families to spend their weekend and school holidays”, Kurt added.

As the Lunar New Year is just right around the corner, visitors can look forward to the beautiful Garden of Prosperity decoration in the park, enjoy unique activities such as the Festive Building Activity where visitors can build their own Panda and Mandarin oranges out of LEGO® Bricks. There will also be exciting shows such as Lion and Dragon Dance session to ring in the New Year.

LEGO® Movie Event Days is happening from 24 January – 31 March 2019, every day from Monday to Sunday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Enjoy early bird promotion with the new annual pass at RM239 for adults and RM190 for kids aged between 3 – 11 years old. With the new annual pass, pass holders will have unlimited access all year-round to LEGOLAND® Theme Park and Water Park, including free access to SEA LIFE Malaysia which is scheduled to open by first-half of2019. The all-new annual pass is available for purchase at LEGOLAND®’s official website ( for a limited time only.

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Mi Goreng Basah

Macamana nak jadikan mi goreng basah lebih lemak dan basahnya gembira? Saya mempersembahkan resepi tak terkenal mak saya. Setakat ini, test market menunjukkan statistik yang memihak kepada sedap – kawan-kawan saya majoriti suka (yg tak suka tu, sebab pedas sangat… hehe).

Caranya adalah, sebelum masukkan mee, masukkan dulu tauhu yang telah dilecek. Tauhu ni akan kelihatan macam telur. Bezanya, telur berminyak, tapi tauhu cuma rasa lemak. Bila letak tauhu, tak perlu letak telur lagi. Mi tu dah cukup gembira sebab tauhu sendiri memang basah.

Berikut adalah resepi penuh


Mi kuning 500g

Bawang merah

Bawang putih

Cili kering

Isi ayam atau daging atau bebola ikan

Tauhu yang digoreng kemudian dipotong dadu

Dua buku tauhu dilecek sehingga hancur

Sayur kobis / sawi dsbg

Kicap, sos tiram, sos cili


Cara menyediakan:

1. Kisar cili, bawang merah dan bawang putih. Tumiskan bahan kisar sehingga pecah minyak (barulah tak rasa pijar bila makan).

2. Masukkan isi ayam / daging / bebola ikan / fishcake berserta sos tiram, sos cili dan kicap. Biasanya garam tak diperlukan sebab sos tiram dan kicap sudah masin.

3. Setelah yang tadi masak, masukkan sayur, tauhu goreng, tauhu lecek dan mi kuning. Kacau rata sehingga semua masak.


Selamat mencuba kepada penggemar-penggemar mi goreng basah.


Kek Kukus Coklat

Bahan A

1 cawan serbuk koko

1 cawan gula

1 cawan susu cair

1 cawan minyak masak

1/2 cawan susu pekat manis

Bahan B

1 1/4 cawan tepung gandum (diayak)

1 sudu teh soda bikarbonat

1 sudu teh serbuk penaik

3 biji telur

1. Semua bahan A dimasukkan ke dalam periuk dan
dimasak sehingga larut. Bahan B diayak dan diasingkan.
2. Telur dipukul hingga naik dan dimasukkan ke dalam periuk bersama-sama bahan B.

3. Gaul semua hingga rata dan masukkan ke dalam loyang yang telah dialas kertas minyak. Tutup dengan aluminium foil dan kukus selama 1 jam.

Senang kan? Selamat mencuba.