5 Love Languages

5 LOVE LANGUAGES ================= A book by Gary Chapman. Gary Chapman gathered data from his experience as a marriage councellor to write this book. Humans generally give love and expect to receive love in 5 ways: 1. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION. They love verbally. They say “I love you”. They compliment you when you do well. They call you to tell you they miss you. Your … Continue reading 5 Love Languages

Cabaran 15 Minit

Apa yang boleh berlaku dalam 15 minit? Banyak. Kebarangkaliannya tak terhingga. Infiniti. Tahukah anda yang dalam 15 minit, kita boleh selesai:+ Baca seluruh Surah al-Kahfi.+ Baca kedua-dua Surah Al-Mulk dan Al-Waqiah.+ Baca seluruh al-Makthurat sughra, lengkap dengan ulangan tiga kali untuk dapatkan fadhilat zikir-zikir tersebut.+ 1000 kali istighfar … Kebanyakan masanya, saya memandu dalam senyap bila bersendirian. Tak suka radio. Tak mahu bunyi-bunyi. Sekadar melayan … Continue reading Cabaran 15 Minit


Before the picture above was taken, I was complaining how hot the weather was and took off my spectacles to wipe my face. My friend, the photographer, commented that I look beautiful without spectacles. I replied jokingly, “Ya, ya. Everybody says that to everyone wearing spectacles. It is not the spectacles. It is just because you have never seen me without one.” That was how … Continue reading Beauty

7 Positives Only Introverts Would Understand

Source: LifeHack.org There’s an avalanche of information about introverts on the web. The great thing about it is that it helps a lot of people realize their own introverted tendencies. Many introverts are beginning to understand why situations commonly perceived as problems by many are, well, simply non-problems for them. Here are some of those positives only introverts would understand. 1. They love cancelled parties. Introverts love … Continue reading 7 Positives Only Introverts Would Understand

The Gift of Silence

Call me wood for not being able to show emotions. Laugh at me when I don’t show my disappointments. Tell me I’m dull when I keep quiet to critics. Say I’m boring for not getting angry. Label me stupid for smiling at negative comments. Accuse me deaf when I appear not listening. How do you know I’m not disappointed? How do you know I’m not … Continue reading The Gift of Silence


There is something attractive about people in their 40s and 50s. Their confidence. So appealing. So mesmerizing. The way they tell things. The way they walk. The aura that they shed. The way they look at people around them. Especially, the way they give their opinions or state their stands in issues – the sureness, the way they know, the anticipated response. It is not … Continue reading Confidence