5 Love Languages

5 LOVE LANGUAGES ================= A book by Gary Chapman. Gary Chapman gathered data from his experience as a marriage councellor to write this book. Humans generally give love and expect to receive love in 5 ways: 1. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION. They love verbally. They say “I love you”. They compliment you when you do well.… Read More 5 Love Languages


Cabaran 15 Minit

Apa yang boleh berlaku dalam 15 minit? Banyak. Kebarangkaliannya tak terhingga. Infiniti. Tahukah anda yang dalam 15 minit, kita boleh selesai:+ Baca seluruh Surah al-Kahfi.+ Baca kedua-dua Surah Al-Mulk dan Al-Waqiah.+ Baca seluruh al-Makthurat sughra, lengkap dengan ulangan tiga kali untuk dapatkan fadhilat zikir-zikir tersebut.+ 1000 kali istighfar … Kebanyakan masanya, saya memandu dalam senyap… Read More Cabaran 15 Minit


Before the picture above was taken, I was complaining how hot the weather was and took off my spectacles to wipe my face. My friend, the photographer, commented that I look beautiful without spectacles. I replied jokingly, “Ya, ya. Everybody says that to everyone wearing spectacles. It is not the spectacles. It is just because… Read More Beauty

7 Positives Only Introverts Would Understand

Source: LifeHack.org There’s an avalanche of information about introverts on the web. The great thing about it is that it helps a lot of people realize their own introverted tendencies. Many introverts are beginning to understand why situations commonly perceived as problems by many are, well, simply non-problems for them. Here are some of those… Read More 7 Positives Only Introverts Would Understand