I Write To Express

Who I Write For was the first on my Reader when I logged in today. It struck me with questions, many at once, all of a sudden – Who do I write for? Why do I write? Where is this habit going? I started to reflect all that was spent on writing since I was a kid.

I know I have always like writing. I started journal keeping since I was 9. I kept all of them till now. Rereading them feels like browsing through my own autobiography, one that has yet published. I recalled those days when I write for joy and won Best Essay in school and Best Story in English week. I got excited over book fairs and new novels my mother bought for me. Sometimes, I dream in novel lines instead of visuals, I hear narrators reading the dream in my sleep. Stories have become my childhood joy and writing was my self-expression.

I still love writing. It brings me joy when I feel low. It keeps my buzzing mind quiet when I put my thoughts to words. It expands my vocabulary and exercise my linguistic skills. However I feel that something is missing. I think it is the purpose. Because the purpose is what sets the meaning, the goals and the action plans. That is what I need to define.

Who Do I Write For?

Why Do I Write?

I write for myself. I write for the likes of me. I write to keep our mind calm and serene. Those who are like me but have yet written anything can find peace in reading my writings. For my writings spoke on behalf of them. My writings give voices to their inner critics and demons, but also give strengths to their guardian angels and soul to stand up for them. And when they finally succeed in life, even though they have forgotten where the strengths come from, my writings have done their magic intended. That is all that matters.

Where Is This Habit Going?

It is my dream to publish a book. It is my dream to make an income mostly out of my writings. It is my dream to leave a legacy to my readers circle.

The legacy starts with a biography. A biography starts with a fan. A fan starts with a book. A book starts with a story. A story starts with this blog. This blog started with a sentence. That sentence started with a word. That word was once only an idea.

It is happening.




Before the picture above was taken, I was complaining how hot the weather was and took off my spectacles to wipe my face. My friend, the photographer, commented that I look beautiful without spectacles. I replied jokingly, “Ya, ya. Everybody says that to everyone wearing spectacles. It is not the spectacles. It is just because you have never seen me without one.” That was how this awkward facial expression became a photo.

I read from somewhere I can’t remember on Facebook that according to psychologists (so much credible there haha), women are at the peak of their beauty when they are 31. I am turning 31 this year. Many people complimented that I look thinner when I have been gaining weight. Maybe that is due to the fact that I am turning more beautiful. But deep inside I realized that it is not important.

It is not important whether I LOOK beautiful or not. However, it is important that I FEEL beautiful. How is that different?


At this time of life, I have gained more confidence in my skills – cooking, public speaking, communication, leadership, making decision and many more. I have found many of my strengths and overcame or accepted many of my weaknesses and I am open to discovering new ones. I have, not only known what I like and what I hate, but faced them decisively. There are still many rooms for improvement, but I feel more relax in my life journey. I don’t care about looking beautiful anymore because I feel beautiful as I am.


I have stopped comparing myself to other people in terms of achievements, goals and worth. I have stopped asking “How do I look?” to my friends. I listened to feedbacks without taking them personally. I acknowledge my tribe and adjust my circles accordingly. I define myself in my own terms – my dreams, my goals and my priorities. I feel beautiful without much effort and still feel so without acknowledgement.


Discovering self has helped so much in living a minimalist life. Less clothes. Less commitment. Less things. Less spending. Less people. Quality, hand-tailored clothes that compliment my personality. Worthwhile commitments that support the cause that I believe in. Quality, personalized, important things that add value to my daily life. Manageable and conscious personal finance. Core people who support my well-being and uplift my spirit. These have been an empowering journey. I wear clothes that I feel most beautiful in, which limits to few in my wardrobe and simple make-up. I feel beautiful being with people who accept my beauty. I feel beautiful because life has become more meaningful without clutters.

I feel beautiful because I feel empowered from within. I no longer emphasize on looking beautiful. This is the kind of life that I used to look forward too. Right now, I am enjoying this moment.

3 Simple Ways To Maintain Tidy Environment

Keeping clean and organized is not that hard. You just have to have the right philosophies. No real back-bending works, just discipline. The real challenge is in making this discipline a habit once you get the philosophies.

1. Everything has a home

Even things as small as paperclips and hair pins. Design a home for every single thing you own. Or at least set an area to put them. For example, to organize a kitchen, set some rules: paper cups in the cabinet, forks and spoons in the drawers, left-over food in the lard not left on dining table.

After designing the rule and experimenting with the effectiveness, stick to it. Change only when you want to improvise, not simply because you’re too lazy to move things.

Source: Lux and Lace

2. 30-Second Rule

Anything that can be done in 30 seconds, do it now. I call this the effective procrastination. Every time I’m deciding whether to do something now or later, I estimate the time taken to do it. Most of the time, we tend to over-estimate the clearing job. Delaying 30 seconds to clear a space is worth your energy. Because when you come back to that space after that, seeing it clean will give a sense of being in control and calmness, especially at home where we’re suppose to feel at home.

Examples of 30-second errands that are always procrastinated include washing a set of dish for one person, making space on computer table before leaving it, folding three pieces of clothes instead of dumping them on the bed, putting some books back at their shelf instead of leaving them on the coffee table.

3. Guests-Friendly environment

Set in mind that your house is guests-friendly. Keep it as if you’re about to receive guests anytime. You yourself will feel welcomed in your own house. Clear the hallway so guests enter with ease and good first impression. Organize the kitchen so tea can be prepared swiftly for guests. Keep coffee table clean so guests can be comfortably seated in the main area. These places can be your Zen places in the house, too.

Source: Klik Rumah Anda dot com

These are simple ways I keep my place tidy. It’s not much, but it is the simplest thing that is always overlooked. To me, a tidy home signifies a healthy mind.

3 Steps of Learning

There are a lot of theories describing learning steps on the internet. I listed the top six lined by Google Images below:

Learning Steps for Instructional Designs


Systematic Model Training


Innovation Training


The Pareto Principles


Service Learning Business Ethics


For me, personally, the learning process or in my loose term, a process of becoming an expert in something, all boil down to three phases:

1. Learning something until becoming expert.

2. Teaching other people to become expert in the subject of our expertise.

3. Teaching other expert to teach everybody else to become expert on the subject.

Surprisingly, though, when we reach the third phase, we feel that the more we know, the more we realized the vast world of unknown. And thus, we become humble and more open to learning more.

That’s the beauty of knowledge.

Visit Sue


Last Friday, instead of having our regular discussion circle, we decided to go visit our member, Sue, who was hospitalized due to problems with her pregnancy.

But she’s discharged at the same day. We’re worried then, but now happy for her. I hope she’s happy with our visit.

Next time we meet, I hope she can join us in Chantek Circle.

3 Incidents That Made Me Smile Today

I bought Domino’s Pizza for lunch. While waiting in the queue, a mid-Eastern guy came to the counter and mumbled something to the cashier. The cashier’s brows crinkled. They guy kept repeating the same words and the cashier girl even turned behind for her friend’s help. Her friend was standing near the kitchen door.

I tried to listen to their conversation and I finally sneaked in, “You mean post office?” The guy nodded. I showed him the way which was just a few shop lots away. The guy thanked me. After he left, the cashier and I smiled at each other and I said, “It’s the accent, huh?” I guess a few years with multinational classmates turned out to be useful these days.


I rode back to my hometown afterwards. On my way, there was a construction site. They put on signboards to warn road users which is very good. The only funny thing was it is spelled wrongly. If you know Malay language, it is supposed to be HADAPAN. The sign reads ‘Warning, constructions in front’.

I purposely turned back and stopped to take this picture. And to not let other road users thought that I’m in trouble and needed help, I pretended I was looking for something that fell down and then acted like I’m answering call and texting.

Not long after this sign, I stumbled upon a guy riding with his dog in front. It made me laughed out loud. Partly because I never succeeded doing that with any of my cat. Another part because the dog’s face radiates pure happiness and joy, like it is his best treat from his master. They look something like the picture below.


I read from somewhere I couldn’t remember:

“If you can find humor in almost every situation in your life, that’s pure happiness.”

Smile in every situation.


Chantek Circle

Chantek is a fancy way of spelling “cantik” which means beautiful / pretty / attractive in Malay language.

We meet to strengthen our friendship, refresh our knowledge and discuss everyday life, especially as Muslim girls.

Our first meeting consists of random discussion on Syria, Egypt, aurah amd FAQs received from non-Muslim friends.

Next meeting, our topic will be Purification.

3 Books I Just Finished

Among the fictional books I’ve read in the past few months, these three left biggest impression on me (first is the most recent).

1. Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84


This book’s setting is weird. A fantasy story set in real world. What I like the most are the author’s ability to describe feelings vividly and the elaborate description of a scene or an object. The kind of novel that, even though the ending and the twists and turns are expected, it keeps me reading. Because the satisfaction is found in the elaborate writing styles and the realizations of characters’ flow of thoughts. This is my first time reading Haruki Murakami’s, a little late, but better than not at all.

2. Thomas Hardy’s A Laodicean


When I stumbled upon this book, I have not read classics for quite a long time. Almost a year. I’m not usually fond of romantic novels. What makes this novel different is I like the characteristics of the main character – a lady named Paula Power. She is described as an intelligent lady with strong characters, like Halcombe in The Woman in White. The kind of lady characters that I like in classics.

3. Mitch Albom’s Time Keeper

13624688I’m the kind of person who sticks to authors when I like one of their books. And I’ve fallen in love with Albom since I read Tuesdays With Morrie. Even more wonderful when I discovered that Tuesdays With Morrie is actually his real life experience. It is amazing how a fragment of our life can shape the rest of it. And, Time Keeper, even though fiction and fantasy, it is written within the same theme. The kind of book which, even though I read the epilogue (yes, I’m the kind of reader who cheated by peeking at the last pages to make sure the book is worth my time and money – especially time), nothing there reveals the inside of the book and better, it lured me into spending my time with the book. This one here is not disappointing. Totally worth reading.

3 Things That Make Me Smile

1. Smiles

It is super hard to not smile to people who are smiling at me. Perhaps it is why they say ‘Smile is contagious.’

“You are not fully dress until you smile.”

2. Kids

They can sit around during nothing and still make my day. When a kid look at me, I melt. When he/she smile, I can’t help giggling. When a kid laugh (with dimples), I ……………. *speechlessly happy*



3. Colours

Colourful, small, uniform things make me happy!



Three Ways I Keep My Brain Sharp

1. Play Sudoku

Puzzles are known to keep brains active. I have a collection of Sudoku, Kakuro, bridges and other puzzles to play with. When I’m driving I play a number game I created with my sister that involves plate numbers which we used to play in car trips. I challenge myself to new puzzles every time I get used to or get bored of some.

2. Exercise other senses

Humans depend mostly on vision in daily life. It is good to practice our other senses to make full use of it. Take some time to close your eyes and consciously listen to sounds around you. Or sit in an open air and feel the surroundings with your skin. Just make sure you pick the right place to do this. I usually do this at beach or grass field.

This exercises are also a way I make myself happy. Every time I do this, I feel more grateful for all these senses that God has given me. Thus, it made me happier.

I like a talk given by Julian Treasure regarding listening at TEDTalks.

3. Read upside down

I think this is the hardest among what I usually do. I do this with novels and small books which I wrapped to cover them. I don’t want people staring at me when I read in public. But most of the time, I do this at home because reading like this is quite tough for me, so I need to concentrate.

I do puzzles, exercise senses and read upside down to keep my brain sharp. Share your other tips with me! 🙂