The End

Heart: Today is the final day.
Brain: I am well aware of that.

Heart: Have we found something?
Brain: We are still looking.

Heart: Are we closer to the solution?
Brain: I don’t know.

Heart: Can we define the problem, at least?
Brain: I believe we can’t.

Heart: Then what’s the point in reaching this mark?
Brain: It has always been about to keep going on. We succeeded. We are still doing it. We will succeed. InsyaAllah.



One By One

Brain: We got one thing done.
Heart: What’s the point?

Brain: One more step towards success.
Heart: Another step will add in front.

Brain: We got through this one.
Heart: Nothing much.

Brain: I am trying to be optimistic here.
Heart: Are you accusing me of being pesimistic now?



Brain: We won again.
Heart: Yes. I know.

Brain: You don’t seem happy, why?
Heart: Don’t start on one of your you-should-be-grateful lecture again.

Brain: Ok, I won’t. But still, answer me. Why?
Heart: I don’t feel anything. Just numbness.

Brain: Look. They are so happy for you.
Heart: I feel that what I said or did were fake.

Brain: But you are not lying, are you? You are just trying hard to be okay. That’s good.
Heart: And tiring. Exhausting, actually.

Brain: There are people who envy this medal, you know.
Heart: I know. I just don’t feel. That’s all.


Best Actor

Brain: They said that we don’t deserve to feel a certain way.
Heart: And we should stay calm.

Brain: They said that we don’t deserve to feel sad.
Heart: And always smile.

Brain: They said that we don’t deserve to feel angry.
Heart: Because our feelings waste their time.

Brain: We thought that if we don’t react to these feelings, everything would turn out fine.
Heart: It seems that when we seem fine, they don’t believe we have feelings.

Brain: So let’s just do this on our own.
Heart: Thus we won’t waste their time anymore.

Brain: Keep acting.
Heart: We are good at that.

Brain: Sounds like a good plan.
Heart: On it now.



Heart: Maybe this isn’t meant to be solved.
Brain: What do you mean?

Heart: I mean, we don’t need to make it vanish.
Brain: How?

Heart: You know, like space.
Brain: We’ve always love space. What about it?

Heart: Most of it is vacuum. Like the void we’re having now.
Brain: Yes, this feeling of voidness.

Heart: And then there are stars and other beautiful things in space.
Brain: Yes. Never fail to mesmerize us.

Heart: We just have to hop on from star to star, from planet to planet, from one beautiful thing to another beautiful thing.
Brain: That sounds like a plan.

Heart: While hopping, we have to go through the vacuum, but we don’t have to linger till we plant our feet firmly on the next solid ground.
Brain: Yes, we have to bear that in mind.

Heart: We’ll try our best to avoid black holes. They’re mysterious, maybe dangerous.
Brain: Ok, will do.

Heart: We must prepare ourselves with everything we need we when go hopping to help pull us to our next destination – good friends, motivational books, Holy Quran, night prayers, coffee, movies, exercises and many more.
Brain: Okay! Let’s do this!


Don’t Think Too Much

Brain: We still remember the face of that old man sweeping the street at traffic light last week.
Heart: Yes, we do.

Brain: We still remember that three ringgits we borrowed from a friend who we lost contact with a few years back.
Heart: Yes, we do.

Brain: We still remember the look on that man’s face when he got out of the car after we smacked his car which happen last year.
Heart: Yes, we do.

Brain: And those few other things…
Heart: Yes, we always remember.

Brain: They tell us “Don’t think too much”.
Heart: We don’t know how, I know that.

Brain: How?
Heart: Don’t look. Don’t notice. Don’t feel.



Brain: We wrote our Golden List.
Heart: Yes, we did.

Brain: We list our achievements daily.
Heart: Every single day.

Brain: We pray five times a day.
Heart: Praises to Allah, we do.

Brain: We help people.
Heart: We try our best to be selfless.

Brain: We practice yoga.
Heart: It makes us feel good.

Brain: We control what we eat.
Heart: True.

Brain: Then, why does it still feels unsettling?
Heart: I don’t know.


Bucket List

Brain: One day we’re going to travel to Europe.
Heart: Okay.

Brain: We are going to Mecca.
Heart: That is already in our list.

Brain: On our birthday, we are going to spend money for orphans.

Heart: We have got that planned out since last year.

Brain: We are going to write an inspirational book.
Heart: Definitely got that in plan.

Brain: What else?
Heart: What happened to all the undone, forgotten plans?



Brain: I am getting worse with everything.
Heart: How?

Brain: I can’t divide numbers.
Heart: Really?

Brain: I forgot multiplication tables.
Heart: Oh…

Brain: I forgot my usual routes.
Heart: That’s disturbing.

Brain: I forgot many things. Slow. Probably dumber.
Heart: What do we do?

Brain: I don’t know what to do.
Heart: We’ll find a way somehow.

Brain: Maybe I am rotting.
Heart: Please don’t say that.

Brain: Maybe if we sleep longer, it’ll slow down the rot.
Heart: We’ll find a way.



Heart: I feel guilty…
Brain: About what?

Heart: I can’t see their happiness.
Brain: Why?

Heart: It makes me envious.
Brain: Why?

Heart: I don’t know.
Brain: That’s tough.

Heart: I am suppose to be happy about other people’s happiness.
Brain: What do we do now?

Heart: Let’s stay in the shadow till this feeling subside.
Brain: Well, that’s not a solution, but it’ll do for now.



Heart: I wish we’re cats.
Brain: Why cats?

Heart: We wouldn’t have to work. We can sleep 13 hours a day.
Brain: You know what other things that cats are good at?

Heart: What?
Brain: They don’t need us. They stay because they want us.

Heart: So?
Brain: They’re relax cause they know whether we’re here or not, their life is taken care by God Almighty.

Heart: Not us?
Brain: Not us. We’re the mediator.

Heart: We’re the mediator, not the source.
Brain: Let’s relax like a cat, knowing that we’re taken care of.



Heart: Don’t you feel that this is attenting-getting?
Brain: What?

Heart: This whole writing thing.
Brain: How is this attention-getting?

Heart: Everybody reads.
Brain: Let them.

Heart: You write too much.
Brain: It’s a positive self-expression, I feel.

Heart: Why do we have to do this?
Brain: Sense of achievement.

Heart: Really?
Brain: We don’t even need people to read them to feel that sense of achievement.

Heart: Yes. True.
Brain: Just thirty days and we’ll be done.