Financial Freedom

“What is your definition of financial freedom?” One day, she asked me. “When my passive income exceeds my expenses, then I am financially free.” “No. No. What is YOUR definition of financial freedom?” I kept quiet. Eyes straight at her. My mind was blank. I really didn’t have any answer. “You’ve got to have YOUR own definition of financial freedom,” she continued. “You have to … Continue reading Financial Freedom

Tertutup Satu Pintu Syurgaku

Rasulullah saw bersabda, “Sesiapa yang taat kepada Allah dengan melayani kedua ibu bapanya, maka terbukalah dua pintu syurga untuknya.” (hadits direkodkan oleh Ibn Asakir daripada Ibn Abbas)..Dengan pemergian abah semalam, tertutuplah satu pintu syurgaku. Terhentilah peluang aku untuk berbuat baik kepada abah….Aku sedih atas kehilangan ini. Tapi aku tak terkilan. Akulah anak yang bertuah itu. Malam terakhirnya abah bersamaku. Jadi akulah yang terakhir suapkan abah minum, lapkan mulut abah, bersihkan … Continue reading Tertutup Satu Pintu Syurgaku

Beautiful Chaos

Today, she wakes up in tears. She doesn’t even know why. She just feel that she is overwhelmingly sad. In fact, she has felt that way for weeks. Probably months. Probably years. She lost count. She experienced nearly drowning once when she was little. She was pulled by current at shore when she was excited trying to stay afloat by herself cause she had just discovered … Continue reading Beautiful Chaos

Something To Be Grateful About

As she sits in the driver seat after stopping the car at the roadside, she grabs her phone and text them via their Whatsapp group. While waiting for reply, she lamented about what happened last night. The night was pitch dark. Though it was not new moon or anywhere near that, the night was probably cloudy because it rained for a few hours after noon. … Continue reading Something To Be Grateful About

The Gift of Silence

Call me wood for not being able to show emotions. Laugh at me when I don’t show my disappointments. Tell me I’m dull when I keep quiet to critics. Say I’m boring for not getting angry. Label me stupid for smiling at negative comments. Accuse me deaf when I appear not listening. How do you know I’m not disappointed? How do you know I’m not … Continue reading The Gift of Silence


One day, a leaf had a conversation with a girl. Leaf: How are you? Girl:  I’m in pain. Leaf: What happened? Girl:  First, it burns. Second time, it was excruciating, throbbing and scorching. Now, I’m numbed. Leaf: Oh… How come? Girl:  First, it happened. Then, it happened. After that, it happened again and again. Leaf: Poor you… Who did that? Girl:  Someone close. It is … Continue reading Pain