Heart: Maybe this isn’t meant to be solved.
Brain: What do you mean?

Heart: I mean, we don’t need to make it vanish.
Brain: How?

Heart: You know, like space.
Brain: We’ve always love space. What about it?

Heart: Most of it is vacuum. Like the void we’re having now.
Brain: Yes, this feeling of voidness.

Heart: And then there are stars and other beautiful things in space.
Brain: Yes. Never fail to mesmerize us.

Heart: We just have to hop on from star to star, from planet to planet, from one beautiful thing to another beautiful thing.
Brain: That sounds like a plan.

Heart: While hopping, we have to go through the vacuum, but we don’t have to linger till we plant our feet firmly on the next solid ground.
Brain: Yes, we have to bear that in mind.

Heart: We’ll try our best to avoid black holes. They’re mysterious, maybe dangerous.
Brain: Ok, will do.

Heart: We must prepare ourselves with everything we need we when go hopping to help pull us to our next destination – good friends, motivational books, Holy Quran, night prayers, coffee, movies, exercises and many more.
Brain: Okay! Let’s do this!



On Being Kind

Brain: Have you ever pondered…?
Heart: About what?

Brain: …why we do kind things to others?
Heart: Because it makes them happy?

Brain: No.
Heart: Because that’s the right thing to do?

Brain: I don’t think so.
Heart: Because that’s what our religion teach us?

Brain: Really?
Heart: What’s your point?

Brain: We do that because it makes us happy.
Heart: True.

Brain: We do that to fill the void in our heart.
Heart: I guess so.

Brain: We do that for our satisfaction.
Heart: So?

Brain: How selfish.
Heart: Oh… right.


To-Do List

Brain: 1. Pay bills
Heart: Hey, you.

Brain: 2. Settle poster design
Heart: Hey. Listen to me.

Brain: 3. Submit documents
Heart: What are you doing?

Brain: 4. Draft speech for meeting
Heart: Don’t ignore me!

Brain: You are the one interupting me!
Heart: What are you doing?!

Brain: I am trying to sort out our life.
Heart: We can do that later.

Brain: Will you please just shut up and help me out here?
Heart: Okay! Okay! I am jotting them down.


Get Up

Brain: Get up. We got stuffs to do.
Heart: I can’t.

Brain: Get up! We need to make a living, pay the bills, achieve some goals.
Heart: I can’t. It’s painful.

Brain: Stop pulling my leg.
Heart: It’s really, really painful. No kidding.

Brain: You’re over dramatic.
Heart: Accuse all you want.

Brain: *sigh* How long do you need?
Heart: 5 minutes.

Brain: Last time you said 5 minutes, you took 3 hours.
Heart: It was painful. It is painful now.

Brain: Fine. 5 minutes. No more.
Heart: Thanks.



Brain: Hey! You can do better than that.
Heart: What?

Brain: Smile!
Heart: Why? I am tired.

Brain: We don’t want them to find out.
Heart: I don’t care anymore…

Brain: You don’t remember that sleepless night, do you?
Heart: When? What?

Brain: That day when that lady found out.
Heart: Which lady?

Brain: And she asked what is wrong with you.
Heart: Oh… that.

Brain: We are not even that close.
Heart: Right.

Brain: But she found out.
Heart: Yes, she found out.

Brain: So try harder, please.
Heart: Hmm… *sigh*

Brain: Like you mean it!
Heart: Okay! Okay!!



Heart: What did you just tell her?
Brain: The truth.

Heart: Don’t do that! She’s happy. We’re not.
Brain: All the more reason to let it out.

Heart: No! It’ll only drag her down.
Brain: No! To be happy, we need to be around happy people.

Heart: I know that’s true. But don’t tell her our unhappiness.
Brain: She’ll find out, anyway.

Heart: Stop telling people.
Brain: Why are you always so guarded?