30-Second Rule

There are a lot of 30-second Rule but the one that I’m referring to was introduced to me by Tikki Kustenmacher in ‘How To Simplify Your Life’.

It says that :
When something takes no more than 30 seconds to be completed, do it now.

This may seem simple. In fact, the contents of the book are simple. But that’s the trick of our whole life – simple is the best solution. People just confuse simple with simplistic.

This 30-second Rule, simple as it is, is how I taught myself to stop procrastinating and keeping my place organized and tidy.

Here are examples of household chores that require less than 30 seconds to finish, yet often procrastinated:
1. Wash cup after drinking (rather than collecting a few cups afterwards).
2. Wash pot right after cooking (rather than soaking and telling ourselves it’ll clean easier later).
3. Do dishes of one person after meal (rather than waiting until later, giving chance for ants to dine in).
4. Cleaning a spot in bathroom while taking shower (rather than cleaning vigorously once every few weeks).
5. Emptying dish rack before cooking (the later dishes will be dried faster this way because they’re not accumulated).
6. Empty the trash bin (so much better now than until it overflows later).
7. Organize a few fresh laundry straight from air dry (rather than waiting till they become a bucketful).
8. Clear weeds from potted plants as we water them.
9. Clear the car interior as we run the engine before going out in the morning.

These are some simple things that have kept my spaces organized and clutter-free. The 30-second Rule has made me see my everyday life in different perspective.

Every time I look at simple job that needs to be done, I ask myself:
Does this take more than 30 seconds?
Most of the time, the answer is “No” and, again, I keep my place clutter-free.