Istanbul Turkish Cuisine

ISTANBUL TURKISH CUISINE | Imagine going back in time, being in the palace of Turkish King, presented with a sumptuous meal to be enjoyed together with the king and his men. This is what dining in Istanbul Turkish Cuisine is like for me.

Istanbul is a newly opened fine-dining restaurant in Horizon Hills, Nusajaya that serves authentic, traditional Ottoman Turkish Cuisine. It’s menu includes Sultan Pilav, a dish for Sultans which needs to be ordered two hours in advance, making a trip to this restaurant an exceptional experience, an adventure to your cuisine exploration.

Sultan Pilav – a dish for Sultans, needs to be pre-ordered two hours in advance.

Here is the front door of the restaurant. Easy for you to find. It’s green and bright in front.

Istanbul Turkish Cuisine – front entrance.

Make sure to take off your shoes before entering, following traditional Turkish customs.

Istanbul Turkish Cuisine – beautiful interior design.
Istanbul Turkish Cuisine – beautiful interior.

My Top 3 Personal Picks

My most favourite is also the chef’s recommendation, Firin Beyti Kebabi. This is stated as the favorite dish of Sultan Abdul Medjid. It contains beef mince, lamb, garlic, chili, cheese, mushrooms and tomato in dough.

Istanbul Turkish Cuisine – Firin Beyti Kebabi

Number 2 on my list is this vegetarian dish called Biber Dolma. It consists of three capsicums stuffed with rice and baked in the oven. I was fooled by the super simple description from the menu at first, but the moment the rice touched my tongue and melted when I chew them, I feel like I won’t mind converting to vegetarian my whole life. Haha. This meal contains, other than rice and capsicums, currant, pine nuts, dill, mint and cinnamon.

Istanbul Turkish Cuisine – Biber Dolma, the menu that made me want to become vegetarian.

And my number three spot goes to this Malaysian popiah look-alike, but way fancy and tastier, Sigara Boregi. It’s a famous Turkish delicacy that is made of Phyllo dough (called Yufka locally), white cheese and parsley. Paired with two special sauces to entertain your savoury taste buds.

Istanbul Turkish Cuisine – sigara boregi.

Even though my top three list is complete, let’s not forget the most important part of my experience in Istanbul Turkish Cuisine, my favorite drink, the elixir of life, the traditional Turkish coffee.

Istanbul Turkish Cuisine – Turkish coffee, prepared and served traditionally.
One with the owner of Istanbul Turkish Cuisine, Mustafa. Thank you for the hospitality.

To check out more photos of the menu, go to my Facebook fanpage below.

The Location of Istanbul Restaurant

No 7, Jalan Hijauan 3, Horizon Hills

Reserve Your Table

Opening Hours
Lunch: 12 noon to 3 pm
Dinner: 6 pm to 11 pm

Call 07 – 509 5484
Whatsapp 016 – 761 5824



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